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Last Updated: March 30, 2018

Here are the new articles I've committed to do very soon...  

This list has been compiled from your comments and emails. If you''d like to see something special, please add a comment below. Remember, this blog is being built for you! If you want to see more articles, please add them to the comments

Article Description Status
Welcome to our new photographic blog
Request for new articles
How to backup an Android to a USB flash drive DONE
How to backup an iPhone to a USB flash drive DONE
How to shoot into the sun and not have your subject silhouetted DONE
Editing photos on your phone
Step by step edit of a stock photo into a real eye-catcher
Backup photos to your iOS iCloud account
Backup photos to your Android Google Photos account
How to shoot water and get that smooth milky look

What Would Help You Take Better Smartphone Photos?  

Give me ideas for my future articles and tell me:

  • What gives you difficulties with your phone
  • What would you like to learn more about
  • What type of accessories would you like to know about

  • Whatever you have wanted to know about mobile photography, I''ll create a post and try to answer all your questions. Just add a comment below with your topic and any details you can think of. Remember to tell me the make and model of your phone, so I can best describe the process.

    Thank you.

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